Welcome to Happy Soul Dance Studios!

Welcome to Happy Soul Dance Studios, a community minded dance studio in the heart of Halifax! There are 2 high quality dance studios with sprung dance floors, mirrors, soundproofed walls, sound systems and storage. Located at 3089 Oxford Street above the Westcliff diner with the entrance on Bayers road. Studio A is about 700 square feet and Studio B about 550 square feet. If you are interested to teach your classes at the studios contact us, it is also available to rent for meetings, events, practices, gatherings, rehearsals... Be it for dance, fitness, theater, yoga, parties... The studios are available to rent per hour, half day and full day. The most common rental price for teaching a regular 1 hour class is $20/$25 per hour. We have discounted prices for daytime practices and rehearsals. More info: info@happysouldance.com, 902-471-6154

Here are the current Studio Rentals for classes at Happy Soul Dance Studios (this does not include special events, workshops and practices). Please contact teachers directly to register for classes. See calendar below for more information on classes and start times and dates.
Zeph Caissie, Irish dance for kids: diagairishdance@hotmail.com Saturday 12pm
Bobi MacKinnon & Katherine Clark, Zumba, HIIT & Pound fitness classes: bobkatzumba@gmail.com Tue 6pm, Thu 6pm, Sat 9am
Leticia Smillil, Zumba Fitness classes: smillil@hotmail.com Sun 4pm
Elizabeth MacDonald, Irish social dance: acappella@ns.sympatico.ca Mon 6:30pm, Thu 7pm
Isha, Kripalu Yoga: ish.yoga@me.com Wed 9:30am & 5:30pm, Fri 5:10am
Brigitte Aucoin, Cuban Salsa & Kizomba classes, Social Dancing :info@freetomove.ca Mon 6pm, Tue 8, Wed 7:10, Thu 8pm , Fri 6pm & Sat 2pm
Swing Society Intermediate Lindy hop class & social: dalswing@gmail.com Wed 7:15pm
Marla MacInnis, Highland classes for kids and adults: marla_macinnis@hotmail.com Tue 6pm
Elizabeth McCorkell, Highland dance classes for kids and adults: mccorkellacademy@gmail.com Tue 7pm & Sat 3:30pm
Sari, Bellydance classes: info@oriental-motion.com Tue 8pm, Sat 11am
Christine Finley, Essentrics class: christinefinley@hotmail.com Mon 11am, Wed 6pm
LA salsa performance group training: kaznore@hotmail.com Thu 5:30pm, Sun 6pm
Selena Aral, balancedenergyyoga@outlook.com Mon 4:45pm, Thu 4:45pm

Brigitte Aucoin

Rental Calendar