Journey to a Happy Soul 13

Journey to a Happy Soul 13

20151231_172049It’s 2016 already! Which means that it’s my 5th month in business. I’m really excited by all the new rentals that have come my way this new year already. And although we have lost a couple of regular renters, I have loved seeing some of the teachers expanding their classes. I love being part of their growing business!

The Holidays have been great, first of all getting the first real vacation time since this whole project started was great. We have great weather for the short trip to Cape Breton. The down time at the studio also gave us time to do a few renovations/fix-ups; for example painting the baseboards, fixing a few imperfections in the walls… It gave the studio a little bit of a face-lift.



DSC_0753 cut



I am excited to be setting up a database at the moment and looking forward to having more efficient systems in place for invoicing soon. Looking forward to starting new projects. I also finally started updating the website, it now has updated pictures and I made a short video to show the space:


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