Journey to a Happy Soul 12

Journey to a Happy Soul 12


It’s the Holidays already! So first off Happy Holidays! It also means the studio has been open for 3 months now! How time goes by quickly… I may not have been blogging, but lot’s has been happening, so let’s catch-up a little. I feel very grateful of all the support I have received from the community and I feel thankful to everyone who has rented the space these last few months and have helped make this project a success. It’s really been amazing; having so many people rent the space right from the start making this project viable from the beginning. I am really curious and excited to see what 2016 will bring!DSC_0641

The first few weeks after the opening of the studio were all about finishing the little touches that still needed to get finished after the short deadline to opening. It was also about figuring out the day to day stuff and learning to run the studio. I am very grateful for everyone’s patience with me over the first couple of months getting things in order. I am now more organized, including bookkeeping, invoicing… There is still lots to do, I am just getting to the website and database now, but it should be all working smoothly starting in 2016. I did take a few weeks off all unnecessary work to get some much needed rest, but not I am feeling rejuvenated and ready for new projects.

I have been really happy to have workshops from Kizomba to Swing and Hip Hop at the space and some amazing people teaching regular classes, as well as people booking the space for dance, music and theatre rehearsals and private classes. Not to IMG_4948forget parties, socials and small concerts.

My big personal project for the fall was to bring in Charles Ogar from Texas for a Neo Kizomba workshop. It was my first time bringing in an outside teacher for a workshop and I couldn’t have been more pleased by the turnout and the impact it had on the Kizomba community. I am already planning some more workshops in 2016.

Another great serendipity has been a great offer from My Happy Heels, a Latin Dance shoe online store to use my studio as their only physical store location. So I am happy to announce that in 2016 I will start carrying Latin dance shoes at the studio!

I also started looking into starting an Arts non profit organization to promote all social dancing in Halifax. I am really excited about this and it also seems to be meant to happen as I have had people ask me about starting something similar without my mention of anything. My idea is to secure funding to create a festival/workshop series/more dance in schools or afterschool programs/programs for low income or seniors or disabilities/dance shows for kids… I am looking forward to doing even more good in the dance community.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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