Journey to a Happy Soul 11

Journey to a Happy Soul 11

20150912_151521After a mad dash for the finish and the resulting exhaustion, I am starting to get back in the swing of things. So here is a catch up post for the last week or two. Excited to say that the Happy Soul Dance Studios is now open! Not only that, it has been getting quite a bit use already from Zumba, to Irish dance to salsa, socials, dance practices and theater rehearsals… and it’s only the third day we have had official classes running. The opening was great, thanks to all the teachers, performers and helpers who helped make this a special day! I was too tired to put together a nice speech on opening day, but I truly feel blessed to be sitting writing this at my office today with the sun shinning in the happy colored walls and the chatter of people in the studios. It still feels somewhat of a dream that it’s actually finished and being used, after years of dreaming and one year of work, it is actually reality now. So grateful!


The space has gone through quite the transformation in the last couple of months, here is a before and after shot of the same area:


20150206_152932 (1)20150916_133323

The old carpet, broken windows/radiators/walls… everything has been replaced to create a great high quality dance studio with sprung dance floors, and mirror. For the people wondering about the 2 color Marley flooring… we had an error in the first shipment of the floor… the replacement roll just arrived yesterday, you can actually see it in the after picture. As soon as we have time and help (it’s very heavy), we will put it down and the whole room will have one color flooring! This should be the final big renovation project… we still have lots of details to finish, for example installing clocks, hooks for coats, a bulletin board, getting a projector and screen, getting a few essentials for the kitchen, getting blinds for the windows… all which will slowly get done in the next couple of weeks. But I am happy to say that the studios are now finished, functional and being used!

Here are a few more pictures of the finished studios, next phase is to get the management and administration of the studio organized!



Here are some picture of the last stretch of the renovations which I didn’t have time to post before this… lets just say the last couple of weeks we were engaged in life… and renovations almost 24/7. At this stage it was all about floors… vapor barrier, dance sprung sub floor and multi-use Marley, and tiles for the common areas. I have to thank all the volunteers who came to help… we couldn’t have done it in time without you… you were a godsend!

2015-09-07 00.06.0620150906_144351






We had the opening on Saturday September 12 with great success and everything looked great. What you may not know is how close we were to not be finished in time. The evening before the opening this is what the studio looked like…



We did so much the last day from installing the reception area, installing all the baseboards and trim, finishing the kitchen, lots of cleaning, putting in the second of 2 doors, the electrician and painter were in finishing work. We finished grouting the last of the tiles in the hallway at 2am. We still had a mess in the bigger studio, where only half the lights were working and there was still some painting to get done. The doors didn’t have handles. To my amazement it all came together, the electrician came to finish the in the middle of the night and the painter came early in the morning and finished the job. So after a trip to the hardware store we arrived to a fully painted studio with working lights we proceeded to doing the last of the cleaning and emptying of the larger studio it time for the first class at 12 before the opening. between classes we managed to install the door knobs and other little missing bits while getting things ready for the opening in the smaller studio. Including the delicious cakes from Bakewell… we picket them up and they had taken the time to reproduce our logo on the cakes, so sweet of them! And we had a great opening!


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