Journey to a Happy Soul 9

Journey to a Happy Soul 9

DSC_0619Things have been busy at Happy Soul… Well that’s an understatement… We have been working at the renovation all hours this week… The September 12 opening is coming fast! Thank you to everyone who have been working, all the different crews and especially to the volunteers who helped us bring the dance flooring up the stairs yesterday. Andres, Andres,  and Margaret thank you it was a big help and special thanks to Terry and the painter who with the volunteers helped bring the 500 lbs rolls of Marley flooring up the stairs… Yes 500 lbs…

So this week, we finally got the specialized dance flooring in… here is a few pictures of the process for your enjoyment…  as well as other pictures from the weeks renovations.

If I haven’t been responding, it’s because I have been hard at work making sure the space is a workable dance studio by the opening and have had limited time with the internet and computer. I promise I will get back to everyone. Thank you to everyone for the confidence and trust, it will just keep getting better and better, once I get the space finished I will tackle all the marketing and administrative organization and things will run much more smoothly. It should run like a tight ship by the end of September! Home to see everyone at the opening September 12 between 2 and 10pm!


Step 1: Truck arrives with dance flooring…  I was so happy to see it, it’s been a long time coming with a few hick-ups along the way. Now there is no doubt that we will be ready for September 12! The truck had to park across the street… special cross walk crossings with special cargo 🙂


Step 2: More boxes… on the sidewalk to the side of the building.


Step 3: bringing up all the sprung dance flooring up the stairs DSC_0631

Step 4: Taking a break… it’s hard work… and lots of it… but we made it. Here is Andres posing in front of the whole pile of flooring!



Step 5: The infamous 500 lbs rolls of marley… don’t have pics of us bringing it up the stairs… I was helping. Thanks Terry for the idea with the ropes that made it possible for us to do the job.


Step 6: A little dance pose… in front of the new dance studio mirrors before getting back to work. Thanks to Terry for the great craftsmanship with the mirrors. This is an amazing guy, a couple of years ago when I was looking for second hand mirrors on a tight budget for Veith House to be able to teach my dance classes there, I ended up giving him a call and after hearing what I was trying to do he decided to donate a whole wall of mirrors and the installation to Veith House without me even asking for anything. It helped make Veith House a better place to teach that I could ever had hoped for. So, when it came time to get my own place I could not think of anyone better to hire to do the mirrors for the studio.


Picked up the new outdoor sign that will go over the door at Eye Candy Signs. We got the old martial arts sign down and got this one ready to go up… now we just need a ladder and we will put it up very soon. I also received all the marketing materials, business cards, magnets, posters… exciting!  It feels like I have a business now!


This may not look like much… but we spent hours on this. Getting all the floor evened up and clean which included renting a industrial sander and hours of scrapping. After lots of dust and effort, we are finally ready to install the flooring! So excited!



After some plumbing, learning, and some work, we now have a new working toilet and sink!



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  1. Yve says:

    Congrats on the opening !

    Where can I see all your Friday nights thru to Sunday classes ? I would like to sign up for Zumba and some basic beginner salsa / Latin classes. Do I need a dance partner to join? It’s just me (no dance partner as of yet 🙁 lol )

    Thanks for the info !

    • aucoinbr says:

      Hi, I have added a schedule on the main page of the website now. There is lots of Zumba happening, please contact the teachers directly for more info. I teach the Salsa/Latin classes you can go on my school’s website: for more info. You do not need a dance partner for any classes.Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions. I will be more organized soon… the renovations took almost all my time until now.

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